• Mimari Projelerinize Uygun Çözümler

  • Endüstriniz İçin Modern Teknoloji

    Endüstriniz İçin Modern Teknoloji

    TÜRKİYE'deki Endüstriyel Sektörlere Sürdürülebilir Hizmetler ve Ürünlerimizi Uygun Fiyatlara Sunuyoruz.
  • Gelişmiş Teknoloji Çözümleri

    Gelişmiş Teknoloji Çözümleri

    Sektörümüzün En Güncel Hizmet Alanlarını Analiz Ederek Sizlere Son Teknoloji Ürünlerini Sunarak Hizmet Kalitemizi Her Geçen Gün Arttırıyor.

High Quality Control in accordance with International Standards

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Ovel Automatic Door Systems; It has been operating in Istanbul since 2004.
With 16 years of experience, you, our valued customers, always offer the best product and has adopted the principle of providing quality service. Ovelia, all products sold and assembled in Turkey offering turnkey services, currently with an exporter identity, European origin It is a dynamic organization that continues to serve its customers with products.
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Ovel Automatic Door Systems; It has been operating in Istanbul since 2004.

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All offers and sales of products assembled turnkey services in Turkey, already it is an institution with a dynamic structure that continues to serve its customers with products of European origin exporter ID.


High quality control in accordance with national and international regulations and standards.
Ovel, one of the companies with the widest and most experienced employee profile in the automatic door sector, has succeeded in signing many projects with its qualified workforce. All the services we provide to our valued customers in Turkey. We test all our products, produce them ready for tough conditions, and present them to you in a way that you will be satisfied. We promise to complete every service and product we promise you in a reliable and honest way. By analyzing the most up-to-date service areas of our industry, we increase our service quality day by day by offering you the latest technology products.


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